2014-01- Procédé d’hydrosilylation photocatalysé par un composé polyoxométallate

Stévenin, A.; Lafage, M.; Blanchard, N.; Lalevée, J.; Francès, J.-M., Assignee: BlueStar Polymer, PCT Int. Appl. (2014), WO 2014096719 A2, date de priorité: 21/12/2012.
The invention relates to a process for hydrosilylation of an unsaturated compound comprising at least one alkene function and/or at least one alkyne function, with a non-chlorinated hydrosilane compound, said process being characterized in that it is catalysed by a photocatalyst chosen from polyoxometalates.

2013-01- Structural variants of mycolactones for use in modulating inflammation, immunity and pain

Demangel, C.; Blanchard, N.; Bismuth, G.; Eustache, J.; Casarotto, V.; Chany, A.-C., Assignee: Institut Pasteur, Fr. PCT Int. Appl. (2013), WO 2013072896 A1 20130523.
The present invention is related to variants of mycolactones of formula (I), processes for the preparation thereof, pharmaceutical compositions thereof and their use in modulating inflammation, immunity and pain. Y-O-W (I), wherein Y and W are as defined in claim 1.