2024-01- Palladium-Catalyzed Regioselective Synthesis of 2-SF5-Indenols and Further Derivatizations

Popek, L.; Cihan, M.; Blanchard, N.; Bizet V. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2024, 63, e202315909.

A palladium-catalyzed synthesis of 2-SF5-indenols has been developed by reacting commercially available boronic acid derivatives and readily accessible SF5-alkynes. The present methodology is fully regioselective thanks to the intrinsic polarization of SF5-alkynes. A selection of downstream functionalizations has been performed to highlight the versatility of 2-SF5-indenols and indenones as platforms for the design of more complex SF5-containing molecules.

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2024-02- Expanding Radical Chloropentafluorosulfanylation of Alkynes

Nguyen, T. M.; Popek, L.; Matchavariani, D.; Blanchard, N.; Bizet, V.; Cahard, D. Org. Lett., 2024, 26, 365−369.

The chloropentafluorosulfanylation of alkynes is a delicate but crucial operation for accessing SF5-alkynes that serve as substrates in numerous transformations. Dolbier’s procedure using Et3B/O2 was the most efficient approach, while recent efforts make use of other initiators and light activation. We found that THF, as a single stimulus, is sufficient to trigger the reaction of SF5Cl with alkynes. We determined the configuration of Cl/SF5 products and clarified the structure of side-products.

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